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The body feels best
when moving in the direction
of least resistance.

That means with each treatment, we hope the patient will move closer to their center. In this place, we find “source” energy, which will promote vitality. The body wants to be in a place of balance, and through subtle suggestions, we can strengthen the body’s life force and ability to heal itself. By following our bliss, we realize that wherever we are, that is where we need to be. Every breath, every movement, every point should bring us closer to our joy. Through our acupuncture business, I hope to create a space in which this energy can properly flow, setting people who walk into our door in contact with this internal balance.

Over the last few years, we have dreamed of creating a space that would cultivate my work with healing arts, utilize Scott’s business and accounting expertise, while creating a space for the community to thrive and prosper. We could not have asked for a better community to land in and make this dream a reality.